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How I Fell In Love With Photography

January 12, 2016

I didn’t always want to be a photographer. If you asked me what Ii wanted to be when I was younger, the answer most likely varied from veterinarian to teacher. Every now and then, my sassy-kid self would throw in a mom. My mind really switched gears when I was in middle school. I began to take my first serious art classes and found an outlet in creative expression. I joined art club. I hoarded art supplies and spent my weekends crafting with the intent of seeing what I could create. That was the first time I fell in love with the arts. 

Flash forward to my high school freshmen orientation. As an awkward 14 year old, I skirted the halls filled with booths advertising clubs, classes, and any kind of extracurricular activity you could think of. I kept my eyes down and moved forward avoiding anyone that looked my way. Toward the end of the hall, there was a huge classroom filled with computers and all sorts of lighting equipment. I was immediately intrigued. I picked up a brochure and discovered the Visual Communications program. I signed up instantly. 

My freshmen year was a whirlwind of knowledge. I learned basic camera techniques, Photoshop, lighting, and so much more.  This one class made me excited for school every day. I was hooked on photography. I wanted to learn everything there was to learn about the trade. The quirky teacher and class full of all types of people was no doubt my favorite. That one visual communications class sparked my curiosity on just how far you could take this photography thing,

The next year,  I transferred schools and lost my visual communications program.  I was devastated, but determined not to give up on this dream of mine just yet. I upgraded my little Kodak point and shoot to a higher megapixel and shot everything that caught my eye. My subject matter at this point in time was mostly landscapes and still objects. 

That summer, I bought my first DSLR camera. A Canon Rebel XT. While it was an older model and lacked all of the bells and whistles cameras today have, that piece of equipment was my world. I spent my whole summer learning the ins and outs of DSLR photography. The difference was drastic from the images I was creating with my little Kodak. With a new camera and a new hope for my future as a photographer, I soft-started my business. Carly Marmen Photography began as a hobby I picked up shooting friends’ formal events and proms. 

I joined the yearbook staff at my high school and that taught me more about photography and my business than I could have ever asked for. I started out as photography editor and directed our photo staff on what to shoot and how to get quality images. Then, I jumped to business manager and learned the basics of how businesses were run. Financing, planning, advertising, and so many more crucial tips came from this role. Senior year, I became historian and was in charge of documenting the year. If you asked any of my friends from high school what  I was like that year, they would probably tell you hat my face was hidden behind my camera for a good majority of the year. I was fine with it because finally I was doing something that I loved and it felt comfortable.

My business began to grow slowly as word spread about my formal photography. I was inexpensive and producing great work. After graduating, I had no doubt that this was the career I would pursue. I began my journey to a Bachelor’s degree in photography in August of 2013. I learned so much and was finally able to put into practice so many of the creative ideas floating around in my head. Carly Marmen Photography was growing. I began to shoot senior portraits and small events. I was living my dream of doing what I love and making money doing it.

In March of 2015, I made a leap of faith. I decided to put my whole self into my business. This website launched and a year of trial and error marketing began. I bought a brand new (finally up to date!) camera and equipment that was essential to my sky-rocketing. As a college student who was also working part time, jumping head first into running a business was terrifying. The first year was a roller coaster or successes and failures. At times, I took on more than I could handle. But my portfolio grew. I began to shoot families,  newborns, couples, and so many more. I unveiled Project Go and began to work on this idea that had been sitting idle for so many years. 2015 brought the launch of my wedding photography. It was a style I never saw myself shooting, but after the first wedding, I fell in love with the magic of capturing that special day. I attended conferences and webinars to immerse myself in the business culture and learn all I could on how to make my business the best it could be. 

Now here I am in 2016. I am ecstatic for the year ahead and the list of new ideas and things my business will experience this year. From marketing campaigns to new package deals, this year is going to be big for Carly Marmen Photography. I am so thankful to the clients who have gotten me this far and the new ones who I have yet to meet, but cannot wait to service. My goal has always been to keep my clients happy with my work and this year I promise not to disappoint. Happy New Year from me to my friends in business and I cannot wait to show you what all is in store for 2016! 

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