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New Beginnings

June 16, 2016

For nearly six years, I have been amazed by the out pouring of love, support and blessings this business has brought me.  I started taking pictures as a sophomore in high school just because it was fun and it has morphed into my career and the one thing that can light up my eyes more than anything else. From cheesy over-posed prom pictures to breathtaking wedding days, I am in awe at all that has taken place over the past six years.

After attending a few business and photography conferences, I have really felt a pulling that this business could be so much more. A lot of trust and prayer later, I am so excited to tell you all about the massive rebrand that will be taking place. While it will no doubt be a long and drawn out process, I know that these small tedious steps are going to be worth every ounce of trouble.

As a teenager, I knew nothing about business. As a twenty-something entrepreneur, I am still learning about business. I have made mistakes and learned from them.  I am ready to take all that knowledge and hit the ground running with a new foundation of Carly Marmen Photography. I began taking pictures to simply provide a service, but now I see the value in good photography. Every client, shoot and photo that makes its way onto my desk is an opportunity. A shoot is about instilling confidence and capturing the raw beauty of every face that sees my lens. 

In addition to the new foundation, there will be cosmetic changes. A color theme of black, white and gold to represent my shooting style. Black and white represent the amped up contrast I love in my images while the gold symbolizes my love for natural golden light. To reflect this new theme, a new website is being built. A website that will showcase my favorite images and provide every visitor with a piece of my personality. 

Our marketing strategies are going to be better than ever. Mini shoots, package specials, and flash sales are all part of a structured plan to give every client images they will cherish forever for a price that won’t break the bank. Print prices will soon be at an all time low because printing your images is vital to getting the most out of what we have to offer. Expect weekly blog updates and image postings. Tips and tricks to all the ins and outs of the photo business. Behind the scenes looks into shoots and updates on my personal life as a photographer. 

One of the most exciting things about this new brand is the community that is building. I have developed a client base that is full of families, couples and professionals. Every client will be added into an exclusive Facebook group that will receive special offers, discounts and will be the first to know about flash sales and upcoming events. 

Finally, there will be more creative projects. We all seem to get so caught up in the routine tasks that we forget to tap into our creative side every now and then. I will be working on multiple special projects that will allow my artist brain to run wild. 

I am ecstatic to begin this journey and hope that every twist and turn that may arise will take us one step closer to becoming the business I know we can be. In honor of these huge changes, I am offering 50% off any deluxe package until August 1st, 2016. All you need to do is contact me and tell me what you are most excited about in this rebranding process! 


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