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Finding Your Engagement Style

February 8, 2017

Ah, planning your engagement session. This is one of those things you really don’t need to be stressed about. It’s primary purpose is for you two to have fun! The key is to look inward and to consider your current life habits, hobbies and interests. From there, you’ll be able to find your engagement session style and incorporate it into your photographs seamlessly.

1.    Think about your respective, and shared, hobbies and passions. For example, do you both love music? Or is cooking every night something you always do together? Maybe you love to go swing dancing.

2.    Your respective professions can definitely contribute to your e-session style. Is he a firefighter? A scientist? A farmer? Is she a chef? A kindergarten teacher? A geologist? Whatever the case may be, incorporate your professional lives into your photographs. Maybe it’s as simple as a chalkboard, a hay bale, or a chef’s hat.

3.    Are you into sports? Show some team spirit in your photographs with jerseys, sports equipment or something similar.

4.    What’s your favorite kind of music? Are you both country lovers? Maybe you’re more into the classical music scene. Don’t be afraid to dress the part.

5.    Where do you feel like you’re really in your element? Is it outdoors at your favorite park? In the museum perusing the art? Or maybe you love the buzz of a colorful city.

6.    What always makes you two laugh or have fun? Maybe it’s a board game, or a visit to the fair or circus.

This session is a time to relax and enjoy each other. It helps us get to know each other before your big day! Picking the right engagement style, not only let’s us in on who you two are as a couple, but everyone who sees your photos for years to come.

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