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Six Reasons You Need A Second Shooter

March 21, 2017

All of our wedding packages include two photographers – a main photographer, and a second shooter. A second shooter is an additional photographer who is there to cover the wedding day alongside the main. We always choose to have a second photographer for many reasons. The talented second photographers we work with each have a unique shooting style and create images that are simply stunning. We select photographers who have a passion for capturing moments. Our weddings just would not be the same without them!

1.     It is impossible to everywhere at one time. If you want photos of the bride and groom both getting ready, we just can’t be in both locations at once. By having a second shooter, we can cover more events at one time. If you like candid shots, you absolutely will be thankful for that second shooter! They will be able to get all of the little moments that are happening behind the scenes. Often the ones that no one is watching. If you only have one photographer and he or she is with the bride while the groom is getting ready, then you will have to have the groom mock up and fake these moments to look candid, while missing the real thing. Trust us, you don’t want “forced candids.”

2.     During the wedding, the main photographer is so focused on getting all the traditional shots that sometimes we miss the candid moments during your ceremony. A second shooter is looking out for these moments. By having a second shooter, it ensures that you get more candid shots. 

3.     You’ll also get more creative shots for the same reason. Second shooters aren’t worried about getting the traditional shots because that is primarily the main photographer’s responsibility. This frees them to be able to be more creative. They can catch different angles and give you a fresh perspective.

4.     With a second shooter being there, we always have a backup on scene in the event the main photographer gets sick or injured. The second shooter will be able to take over for them without skipping a beat.

5.     It is also good to have two different cameras shooting the event. In case of emergency – for example, a camera is broken or a card gets corrupted – you will still have photos and they won’t all be lost or damaged.

6.     If we are limited on time, having a second shooter will ensure we don’t miss anything. One of us can be shooting the reception details while the other is in cocktail hour getting all of those candid moments and details.

Second shooters bring a fresh set of eyes into any wedding day or event. We are so lucky to have a team of second shooters who love on our clients as if they were their own. Their personalities and creative minds make weddings all the better! We love you, second shooters! Thank you for all that you do!

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