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J.J. and Arti: Engagement

May 1, 2018

Nothing like ringing in engagement season with a swoon-worthy riverside engagement session I drove down to Hiwassee River Weddings in Delano, TN. This place is where Arti and J.J. will be getting married this September! We had the best time enjoying the sunshine and celebrating their new life together.

JJ told me all about how he and Arti’s story began. They both were working at Deer Run Camp and slowly  build a friendship that quickly turned into more! After a few months of spending every day together, they began dating and the rest is history.

They both filled me in on the proposal story. JJ secretly planned for Arti’s best friends to take her out to lunch one day. Meanwhile, JJ and his guys were back at her apartment decking it out in lots of string lights! When Arti and her friends returned, it’s safe to say she was shocked to see JJ and the beautifully lit decor. He asked the all important question and she said Y-E-S! Then, JJ washed her feet. This has been a symbol in their relationship of loving and serving each other as well as God. I just love that and was so excited to find out they will be doing the same on their wedding day!

We are so looking forward to capturing their wedding day this fall at the beautiful venue, Hiwassee River Weddings! They’ve worked so hard to make the sometimes-stressful side of wedding planning stay centered around what is most important, their love for each other! Check out some of my favorite images from their engagement session below!

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