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John and Emilie: Engagement

May 26, 2018

Summer weather has finally hit! I’ve missed this warmer weather and am so glad to have a summer filled with capturing the biggest moments in your love stories. Last weekend, this gorgeous session took place and I am so excited to share it with you all! Harlinsdale Farms in Franklin was the perfect place John and Emilie to celebrate their engagement with some photos. We had the best time getting to know each other and finding the breeze in this May heat!

John told me all about how he and Emilie’s story took off. Aside from seeing each other on MTSU’s campus from time to time, their first notable interaction took place at John’s fraternity formal. They both arrived with different dates, but never left each others sides all night. They’ve been together ever since!

The proposal took place on Emilie’s grandmother’s front porch in Chapel Hill. It was the site where her parents were married and made the surprise all the more special. The exact spot where he proposed is where John and Emilie will be tying the knot themselves next April! How sweet is that?

Check out a few of my favorites from their session below! Fair warning, there are a lot! 




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