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July 6, 2018


It all started with a camera.

I remember vividly the night I walked into my high school open house and picked up the brochure that would change my life. One simple photography class morphed into a passion for capturing moments with my camera. I fell in love with the trade. I loved how one image could bring a flood of memories and emotions so easily. I knew that my purpose was to create and preserve these moments for others.

When I don’t have my camera in my hands (which is rare), you can find me perusing the aisles of Sephora for the perfect lipstick. I love tacos and margaritas since the two pair so perfectly and red velvet anything is my kryptonite. I love dogs so please please please show me yours. Traveling is my favorite thing to do and I aim to visit all seven continents. I’ve already knocked out three! I am a total people person and love interacting and getting to know those around me.


We love couples in love.

Every photographer client relationship is unique. Finding a photographer that you click with is just as important as finding the perfect dress. We love meeting in person to chat and get to know each other to find out if we are indeed the perfect fit. Are you the perfect fit?

You might be if you love…

– spontaneous road trips                          – trying new things together

– coffee dates                                           – wide open fields 

– artys-fartsy DIY projects                        – warm sunsets

– the great outdoors                                 – HGTV marathons

– singing along with the radio                 – exploring together

Most importantly, we love couples who are totally head over heels in love with each other. The mushy-gushy “The Notebook” kind of love. We want to connect with you and your love story to create images that reflect that love for eternity.

Our brides and grooms love candids. We aren’t the biggest fans of super posed photography. Instead, we like the genuine candid interaction between a couple. Their own way of interacting with each other tells a far greater story. We love PDA and encourage it in all of our sessions. Overall, we love couples in love. Let’s grab coffee and we can hear all about your love story. 



We like people, not props.

Every photographer has a unique style and spin on how they capture your memories. Our work is best described as a “romantic documentary style.” While the posed photos are great, we prefer candid interaction. The love you share really shines through when you are just simply being yourselves. Although the posed photos are sometimes necessary to get started, expect lots of laughs and even a few quiet moments to reflect on how much you mean to each other. With this style the connection you share will really shine through in your photos.

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